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How to fold-and-dock in PyRosetta?

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How to fold-and-dock in PyRosetta?

I'd like to do something similar to regular Rosetta fold-and-dock but in PyRosetta.  I've looked at and examples and while I (mostly) understand what each is doing, I have no idea how to combine them.

How to get a foldtree with symmetry? (in my case it's just simple C3) 

How to combine folding and docking?  Just alternate calls to folding.apply(test_pose) and dock_prot.apply(test_pose)?  (It can't be that simple...)

It would be really nice to have an official fold-and-dock example - if someone can get me started I can build it up into a complete script.


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Thu, 2020-05-14 02:37