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can't install ipython + all tests fail

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can't install ipython + all tests fail

Hi all,

  I am trying to install ipython to eventually install pyrosetta as instructed by this guide:

However, I can't install iphyton (enable to locate package error) 

I tried many solutions that I found online, but all failed to solve it

Moreover, when I try to continue without solving it, all the tests fail. I checked the python version as recommanded here:

But it seems alright...

*I used Ubuntu focal version

any suggestions on what to do next? 

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Wed, 2020-06-24 09:20

Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure what might be going on.

Regarding installing the IPython interpreter itself (prior to installing PyRosetta), this forum is probably not the best place to troubleshoot it. I'd recommend looking at the help forums dedicated to your distribution. (e.g. for Ubuntu you can try

If you don't have a good installation of Python, then trying to install PyRosetta isn't going to work well, so I'd recommend making sure your Python installation is up and running first before troubleshooting the PyRosetta install.

Regarding the test failures, debugging that would require more information (such as what the error message is), but the issue discussed in the linked post (that the version of PyRosetta you download has to match the version of Python you're using), is a reasonable guess, particularly given you were having issues installing Python itself.

In short, make sure your Python install is working first, then make sure you're installing the correct version of PyRosetta for that version of Python.

Thu, 2020-07-09 09:41