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Rosetta Commons REU Corporate Sponsor Agreement

Rosetta Commons REU Corporate Sponsor Agreement

Company responsibilities

  • The company will provide a mentor that will train and work with the intern on a research project and poster for the entirety of the 8-week research duration.
  •  The company will ensure that the intern is treated equitably, similar to any other temporary employee or contractor of the company.
  • The company will allow the intern to attend a weekly journal club with the remaining REU cohort.
  • The PI mentor will co-host one journal club and share industry research perspectives.
  • The company will provide the intern with a local peer group or allow flexibility for the intern to develop a peer group outside of the company.
  • The company must have a current Rosetta software license for the research project prior to intern arrival at the company.
  • The company and its employees will keep intern applications confidential.


REU program responsibilities

  • JHU will handle the recruitment, vetting, and admissions of the intern.
  • JHU will provide the company with up to 3 intern applications to choose from.
  • JHU will manage logistics for the intern (travel, housing) for both the Rosetta Bootcamp training and for the internship with the corporate sponsor.
  • JHU will coordinate all training and conference activities with Rosetta Commons including travel logistics.
  • JHU will assist the student with finding housing within 30 miles of the host lab.


Approximate Fees

  • Stipend- $6,000
  • Travel- $750 *
  • Housing- $3,000 *
  • Bootcamp- $1,000 *
  • RosettaCON- $2,000 *
  • Admin Fee- $1,000 

       Total- $13,750 


Company/sponsor financial responsibilities

  • The sponsor will pay a salary of $6,000 directly to the REU intern.
  • The sponsor will pay the cost of housing of $3000, directly to the REU intern.
  • The sponsor will pay JHU for all other fees ($4,750).


*subject to decrease if the REU program is offered in a virtual format due to COVID-19. In the event of a virtual program, the sponsor will pay $250 directly to the intern for high speed internet.