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"Server Could Not Be Reached" although I have an Internet connection

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"Server Could Not Be Reached" although I have an Internet connection

I am a new user of Interactive Rosetta, I use the software as guided in the tutorial. But when I want to "Thread" my protein, it came up with the message "Server Could Not Be Reached". I have already tried with several different Internet connection, but it still came up with this message. May I know how can I solve this problem? Thank you! 


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The comparative modeling job could not sent to the server! Verify that you have an Internet connection and that the server is running.

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Mon, 2020-09-28 21:32

I do not think InteractiveRosetta supplies a free public server for the back end computations - you are expected to provide one yourself.  (I haven't done it myself but I assume the paper or documentation has instructions).  For light work the computer you are already using is probably good enough to use as the server.

ROSIE does not have the same GUI that InteractiveRosetta does but may be more appropriate for your purposes; it does offer free compute resources for academic use only.  Other public and commerical servers with and without GUIs are available:;

Tue, 2020-09-29 11:57