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The /main/source/bin directory is not created

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The /main/source/bin directory is not created


I am trying to compile rosetta_src_2021.16.61629_bundle.tgz and for this I follow the following steps:

  • tar -xvzf rosetta_src_2021.16.61629_bundle.tgz
  • cd rosetta_src_2021.16.61629_bundle / main / source /
  • ./ -j6 bin mode = release> salida.txt


when the compilation finishes I notice that a new directory called build appears but the directory called bin does not appear. I have done tests with other versions of the software but the same thing happens and I have looked at the output.txt file (the compilation output is saved in this file) and there are no errors. I am attaching the final lines of the salida.txt file and I would appreciate your help.

Thank you.

salida1.txt492.63 KB
salida2.txt468.94 KB
salida3.txt469.05 KB
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Wed, 2021-05-26 23:33
Juan Carlos

By default, scons will only compile the library files, so you have to tell it to compile the bin directory. You do have the `bin` on the compliation command line, though, so I don't think that's the issue.

The build process should be able to create the bin directory if needed. If it can't, my immediate thought is that there's something wrong with the permissions on your filesystem. I doubt that a bit, though, as it sounds like you're able to create the build/ directory and files in there. -- At any rate, you can double check that by doing a `mkdir bin/` in the main/source/  directory.

I will note that with output redirection with just `>`, you're only redirecting the regular output, and are not redirecting the error output. If error messages appear, they're likely to appear on the terminal where you launched scons, rather than the salida.txt file. Do you happen to know if anything printed there?

The other thing to be aware of is that the compilation process should save progress and restart where it left off. As such, when you're debugging compilations, it's often useful to launch your full compile, wait for it to error out, then re-launch the compilation, but this time with `-j1` instead. The re-launch should reach the error much quicker (because compilation skips the things it has already completed), such that it's feasable to monitor it directly in the terminal. (That is, don't redirect the output to a file.) -- I'd recommend trying that, to see if any error message is apparent.

Thu, 2021-05-27 06:54


I can create the bin directory in /main/source using mkdir without problems. In the terminal where I run scon no error appears. After the compilation finishes, I launch the compilation again but it doesn't follow where it was going but starts again. Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Tue, 2021-06-01 00:01
Juan Carlos