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Compatibility with raspberry pi 4 cpu architecture

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Compatibility with raspberry pi 4 cpu architecture


I have a raspberry pi 4B. I was trying to build Rosetta using Scon and it returned the following error:

`KeyError: "Processor 'aarch64' with machine designation 'aarch64' is unsupported."`

I would like to make sure if rosetta is truely incompatible with the raspberry pi processor. If yes, why BOINC rosetta@home is able to run tasks on the same device?

I must note that I changed the kernel to 64-bit and I tried to use raspbian-nspawn-64 that provide the ability to run 64-bit software on 32-bit os.

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Fri, 2021-10-01 12:16

Rosetta on a Raspberry Pi is not something we officially test/support. You might be able to get things to build, but there's likely going to be some build system hacking you'll need to do to get things built appropriately.

I'd potentially dig around in the source/tools/build/ directory to see if there's anything you may need to adjust. In particular, you might want to add the new architecture to source/tools/build/options.settings  along with the other supported architectures. There's probably some other settings you may need to fiddle with. For example, check out the settings for android_arm in source/tools/build/basic.settings -- some of that's specific to the Android operating system, but other bits may be applicable to an ARM architecture.

Fri, 2021-10-01 12:31

As a big Pi fan —I have some 7 in use around the house—, and as I was running a home webserver on a Pi 4B 8 GB, I was hoping to throw PyRosetta in there. Long story short, I opted for buying a refurbished mid-2015 Intel NUC minicomputer from eBay and I had zero issues installing the precompiled version and a lot of regrets for the futile toiling with the ARM7, ARM64 kernels (I was using both the normal 32bit version of Raspian and the permanently in beta 64bit version of it) and trying to understand what is going on. Compiling Rosetta from scratch is a lengthy process on a regular computer (~5 hrs?), on a Pi if even you could get it to work, it probably would take days...
Also the Pi4 has a powerful GPU and a bad CPU, while an old NUC is the opposite —i.e. more suitable for Rosetta.
And actually the NUC cost me less (70 GBP) even if it came with damn yucky windows.
(I should say, Pyrosetta worked great on the NUC, but I never actually did set up the webserver to use PyRosetta in production because I do not know if the Memorandum of Understanding between Comotion and my University that conforms my tool is for academic use only applies to home side projects not hosted on campus and the legal folk never reply to simple questions...)

Sat, 2021-10-02 04:41