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SnugDock or RosettaDock for HDX-MS data

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SnugDock or RosettaDock for HDX-MS data


A general question would be whether there is a docking protocol for HDX-MS. Can I get a share? 

Then I have two questions to the paper "Robustification of RosettaAntibody and Rosetta SnugDock" from Gray's group:

  1. In the appendix section of the paper, you described KofNConstraint. Should this constraint file be used under “-constraints : cst_fa_file high - res. cst” or “ -constraints : cst_file low - res. cst” or both? Any weight for constraint should be taken?
  2.  If I want to use Motif Dock Score option. I have to make my own motif table, right? Is there a table can be downloaded?



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Thu, 2021-12-16 09:18