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Rosetta-Vienna RNP-ddG failed

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Rosetta-Vienna RNP-ddG failed

Hi there,

I submitted the Rosetta RNP_DDG job (№102473) las Thursday. My input was a cleaned .pdb of the protein and the RNA chain and I assume that the RNP_DDG would relax the structure and perform RNP_DDG afterwards. However, the job was terminated with an error message "Starting structure was not relaxed!".

Would you mind giving me some suggestions on how to proceed? For example, is it possible to use the ROSIE relax to relax protein-RNA complex using the RNP_DDG score weights and then submit that relaxed structure for RNP_DDG? Another question concerning the ROSIE relax is that it seems does not authorize my registration with academic email address ( - The University of Hong Kong), would you mind offering me some help on that, too?

I am asking because I was not able to relax the structure when I run rosetta RNP_DDG protocol with my own PC because it seems the relaxation doesn't converges...

Thanks in advance!


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Mon, 2022-04-18 18:21
Athena Chu