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Disulfidize- "Extra content at the end of the document"

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Disulfidize- "Extra content at the end of the document"

Hello all!

I'm attempting (my first attempt) to use the disulfidize mover to predict disulfide bridges across a monomer of of homo-oligomer, this is the exact example on the tutorial.

I get this error "Extra content at the end of the document". I have run the the XML rewriter script on my .xml file  and there appears to be no issues.

I've attached my script. I'l appreciate any insight.

Thanks in advance

rosetta_script_disulfidize.txt461 bytes
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Tue, 2022-05-17 02:37

Is that the entierity of your RosettaScripts XML?  if so, then you're missing the main surrounding ROSETTASCRIPTS tags. You're also missing the opening MOVERS tag for the last tag and the top-level PROTOCOLS tag.   (The MultiplePoseMover takes a ROSETTASCRIPTS block nested within it, but the declaration itself needs to be within a standard ROSETTASCRIPTS block in the MOVERS tag.

If that is your complete script, my guess is that Rosetta is complaining about the fact that you're missing the "top level" ROSETTASCRIPTS block, and more specifically it's complaining about the mismatched MOVERS closing tag.

If that's not your complete script, then you've likely trimmed off the portions of the file which were actually giving you problems. (If you can, upload the script as-is, without even copy/pasting it to a new file, as the issue may be related to non-printing characters not captured by copy-paste.)

Tue, 2022-05-17 07:29