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rosetta.build_phenix_interface on fedora 36

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rosetta.build_phenix_interface on fedora 36

This is for those who are interested in building rosetta_phenix_interface on fedora 36 or in general using gcc 12.1.1 20220507.

I had no problem compiling the phenix interface using rosetta.source.release-314 on fedora 36 after two little tweaks:

1) this is suggested on the phenix website ( and it concerns the ABI change, thus the need for using the suggested site.settings and not the one bundled with rosetta

2) several include strings need to be added to the header of the file located in rosetta.source.release-314/main/source/src/core/scoring/cryst

I attach the one that worked for me as PhenixInterface.txt

PhenixInterface.txt36.99 KB
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Wed, 2022-05-25 02:11