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Error with RoseTTAFold

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Error with RoseTTAFold


I am trying to perform a structure prediction with the RoseTTAFold tool. However, when I input the fasta and try to run (./ fasta.file .), it starts running and performs steps 1-4 (HHblits, PSIPRED, hhsearch, predicting distance and orientations), but after this I get the following error: ./ line 77: 700924 Segmentation fault  (`core' generated) python $PIPEDIR/network/ -m $PIPEDIR/weights -i $WDIR/t000_.msa0.a3m -o $WDIR/t000_.3track --hhr $WDIR/t000_.hhr --atab $WDIR/t000_.atab --db $DB > $WDIR/log/network.stdout 2> $WDIR/log/network.stderr

Do you know why does this happen?

Thank you

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Thu, 2022-07-14 03:40