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On iterations in ddg_monomer

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On iterations in ddg_monomer

Dear community, 

I am just beginning to explore Rosetta with some mutational analysis. 

Currently exploring ddg_monomer. 

From what I have read so far, ddg_monomer doesn't have parallel support. 

Could I please know if setting 

-ddg::iterations 1

and then repeating the above 49 other times, to make a total of 50 predictions and then choosing the top three stated in the manual would produce similar results as setting 

-ddg::iterations 50

and running only once. 

Given no parallel support, I think -ddg::iterations 1 can be set to 1 and 50 threads of this can be submitted, which would obviously (i think!) generate the required result faster. 

The thing I am concerned with is that - during the run with -ddg::iterations 50, is there any refinement that is carried out which would be missed if the run is submitted with -ddg::iterations 1?

Any feedback on this would be highly appreciated and apologies again is this sounds like a noob question. 


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Fri, 2022-09-30 21:23