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Package Rosetta in Docker and Singularity with MPI supported

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Package Rosetta in Docker and Singularity with MPI supported


Recently I tried to learn Rosetta, but I encountered a lot of problems, such as missing dependencies and environment variable pollution, build failures, built packages that are difficult to migrate, the compilation time on local machine for too long... So I tried to package Rosetta into Docker and Singularity, aim to solve the above problems in a fast and elegant way. Not much nonsense, the project address is here:
This project has the following characteristics:
1. Based on Alpine, the image volume is about 1Gb smaller than the image made by ubuntu;
2. Full architecture support, suitable for various CPUs and instruction sets;
3. Open MPI supportted;
4. The generated image can be quickly distributed, one-click deployment/installation, no startup delay, and low performance loss;
5. Automatically configure environment variables without polluting the local environment;
5. Native Docker build script, native Singularity build script;
6. You could remotely debug/build through Github Actions, automatically upload the image, and upload to the cloud with one click, without local compilation;
7. MIT License;
8. Detailed documentation

Note: Due to the Rosetta license, I have no right to distribute images, so please compile locally or using Github Actions to build according to the build guide.

Colleagues are welcome to use, evaluate, put forward valuable opinions and share bugs encountered in use (it is best to post issue on Github, the forum is not often seen), please criticize and correct. If you think this project is helpful to you, please push this project to your colleagues. If you have spare time and ideas, welcome to contribute to this project! Your star is my motivation to update!

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Fri, 2022-12-02 19:19