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error in loop remodeling

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error in loop remodeling


Hi I'm trying to fill the missing loop with remodel.linuxgccrelease in rosetta

for some pdb, there's no problem in filling missing loop

but I got following error with certain PDB

core.fragment.picking_old.vall.vall_io: Added 62471 sections to library totaling 1400124 residues.
core.fragment.picking_old.vall.eval.IdentityEval: ss = LLLLLLL  |  aa = .......
core.fragment.picking_old.vall.eval.ABEGOEval: abego = LLLLLLL
core.sequence.ABEGOManager: [ ERROR ] Unrecognized abego index: L

ERROR: Unrecognized abego
ERROR:: Exit from: src/core/sequence/ line: 408
protocols.jd2.JobDistributor: [ ERROR ]

[ERROR] Exception caught by JobDistributor for job PTPRB_2i5xB_UA5_0001

I searched a lot in google , but I couldn't figure out what 'Unrecognized abego index: L' means

Does anybody know how to figure out this problem?

Attached files are:

input PDB : PTPRB_2i5xB_UA5.pdb

blueprint file : PTPRB_2i5xB_UA5.remodel

flag file for remodel run : flags

log file : log_PTPRB_2i5x

command line : remodel.linuxgccrelease @flags

flags file look like following

-in:file:s PTPRB_2i5xB_UA5.pdb
-remodel:blueprint PTPRB_2i5xB_UA5.remodel

-run:chain A
-remodel:num_trajectory 1

-out:path:all output_files


blue print file2.27 KB
input pdb178.21 KB
log file19.84 KB
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