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build error by MS Visual studio 2008

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build error by MS Visual studio 2008

when I built rosetta++-2.3.1 on my XP with VC++ 2008, following the guide in README.VC2005.BuildExample, the compiler threw some errors when compiling files which includes the header "decoystats_classes.h".

The error is like:
decoystats_classes.h(77) : error C2143, syntax error, missing "}" ...

the error lines are :
enum group_uns_types {

after several debugs, I found the reason: it seems that "IGNORE" is somewhat like "keyword" and it is not allowed in enum{}. After I change "IGNORE" to "_IGNORE". The errors disappear! Then I have to change all "IGNORE" in file "" to "_IGNORE".

finally, it is ok.


I can build it by VC++2005, or VC++2008, but it threw errors when run my test case.

Fri, 2010-05-07 22:45

!Is there anybody tell me how to build rosetta on windows x86? I tried several compilers, none work !

when I build rosetta++-2.3 version by VS2005sp1(VC++8.0+sp1), it threw warnings when compiling "":
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\include\vector(47) : warning C4503: 'std::_Tree::_Myval' : decorated name length exceeded, name was truncated

Anyway, it is warning, and finally can produce the binary. But the binary does not work correctly, it exited abnormally just after some "shear moves", there are logs:

Instantiating PDInteractionGraph
pose_refine_loops_with_ccd -- accepted/trial/ratio:
17/59/0.288136 for small moves
12/59/0.20339 for shear moves

---- program dead ------

After I read the debug msg, it seems to point to something like "~Studio 8\VC\include\vector ... ", and I guess those warnings attribute to this failure.

I think it is this line in "" trigering the warnings.

line 623: map< pair< int, int >, map< string, map< string, vector< float > > > > params;

Sat, 2010-05-08 10:23