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loop modeling error 'CcdLoopClosureMover' object is not callable

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loop modeling error 'CcdLoopClosureMover' object is not callable

I am using the current release "PyRosetta v2.012" it stucked, error is given bellow
the "" script which i m using have been attached with this post this script is provided online its not my own script: thanks

from where i can get the reference for all the available methods and function of Pyrosetta so that i can use that as per my requirement and it seems that scripts are written for different versions may not work for all the versions so how can i get the version specific details of various pyrosetta functions

Error Log++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Error Log
core.chemical.ResidueTypeSet: Finished initializing centroid residue type set.
Created 1980 residue types
set up job distributor
randomizing loop
low res loop modeling
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 89, in
TypeError: 'CcdLoopClosureMover' object is not callable
C:\Users\Zebrafish\Desktop\LOOPmodeing\loop_modeling\loop_modeling>python loops.

loops.py_.txt2.84 KB
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Tue, 2013-10-22 01:49

This is just general, most commands should work with your 2.012 version.

Tue, 2013-10-22 14:27

Hi thanks for your reply.
i m very new user of rosetta and pyrosetta i have idea about the algorithms of various molecular simulation programs like Gromacs autodock and other.

i want to know is there any documentation available about all the algorithms and methods used in Rosetta ? more precisely rather then hard core scientific notation i am looking for an easy and more descriptive documentation which can provide the information of various methods available in Rosetta.

Actually i found one very impressive feature of Rosetta and PyRosetta, with the help of various methods i can write my own algorithm to solve a biological problem but it should required a detailed knowledge of various libraries, objects and methods.


Tue, 2013-10-22 23:39