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Numbering failed

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Numbering failed

Job ID 32176 failed with this error: 

ERROR: FR_L3 length 28 is not between 32 and 34
Numbering failed.  Exiting.


Any ideas on how I can remedy this? Thank you

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Mon, 2017-06-05 08:07

You've got an antibody which is outside the norm of antibodies - according to the automated annotation in ROSIE, the framework region in your light chain is too short (28 verus a standard 32 to 34). Due to the way ROSIE Antibody is set up, it can't apply the automated proceedure to thread this onto the standard backbones.

The first thing to check is if this antibody light chain does indeed match what it's supposed to.  I'd highly recommend reading and  and looking through the website  to check your antibody sequence against what is "normal" for antibodies, to see if there's something special/funky going on with your particular light chain.

Past that, given that your antibody is outside the norm for antibodies, you're likely going to have to run the antibody modeling proceedure manually. So you'd download Rosetta locally, and then follow the RosettaAntibody proceedures outlined in   You're likely going to need to tweak the alignments and settings to be able to get Rosetta to work with your "short" antibody, or to correct the misalignment that the automatic tools are doing.

Mon, 2017-06-05 08:44

I am counting 32 aa between CDR2 and 3 unless I am using a different system to assign the CDRs. Is this probably what the issue is?

Wed, 2017-06-21 11:51