The following page gives an overview of the most commonly used categories of options in Rosetta. This is not a complete listing and is only meant to give a brief description of commonly used options.

For a more comprehensive list of Rosetta command line options, see the full options list. Note that some application-specific options may not be included in the full options list.

  • Input options: Options to supply most input files to Rosetta and control the way Rosetta reads and processes those files.
  • Output options: Options that control output from Rosetta (file formats, tracer output, etc.).
  • Run options: Options that control how Rosetta runs jobs in a technical, computational sense.
  • Score options: Options that relate to the Score Function.
  • Packing options: Options that control the behavior of the packer (including resfile input, resfile input, and additional options).
  • Database options: Options for using relational databases within Rosetta.
  • Renamed and Deprecated Options: Options that may appear in older Rosetta runs but which have changed or been removed are listed here.
  • Suggested Options: Here are a few options that would be default if we did not care about maintaining old behavior

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