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Author: Jack Maguire,

Purpose and Description

Compares the sequences of the native structure (using native flag) to the sequence of a given pose. The BLOSUM62 scores are averaged for every selected position.


<SequenceSimilarityMetric name="(&string)" residue_selector="(&string)" apply_selector_to_native="false" normalize="true"/>
  • residue_selector: The name of a previously-defined residue selector. If provided, only the BLOSUM62 scores for the selected residues will be averaged. If not provided, all residues in the pose are counted.
  • apply_selector_to_native: If true, apply the residue selector to the native pose instead of the given pose. For example, a layer selector will use the native structure to determine what is core/boundary/surface instead of the current structure.
  • normalize: If true, divide the final score by the number of positions. Otherwise this is just the sum of the BLOSUM62 scores for the selected positions.

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