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Remodels loops using kinematic loop closure, including insertion and deletion of residues. Handles hotspot constraint application through these sequence changes.

<PlaceOnLoop name="( &string)" host_chain="(2 &integer)" loop_begin="(&integer)" loop_end="(&integer)" minimize_toward_stub="(1&bool)" stubfile="(&string)" score_high="(score12 &string)" score_low="(score4L&string)" closing_attempts="(100&integer)" shorten_by="(&comma-delimited list of integers)" lengthen_by="(&comma-delimited list of integers)"/>

currently only minimize_toward_stub is avaible. closing attempts: how many kinematic-loop closure cycles to use. shorten_by, lengthen_by: by how many residues to change the loop. No change is also added by default.

At each try, a random choice of loop change will be picked and attempted. If the loop cannot close, failure will be reported.

Demonstrated in JMB 413:1047

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