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Rosetta Service Award

Rosetta Service Award


Strengthening the community of women in the Rosetta Commons

Rebecca Alford
Una Natterman

Constant efforts to improve Rosetta and willingness to help other developers and users​

Vikram Mulligan

 Leading the effort to help Rosetta recognize a greater repertoire of biological and bioengineered molecules

Andy Watkins




Fixing compiler warnings in Rosetta

Jason Labonte

Documentation XRW team

Rocco Moretti
Steven Lewis
Sharon Guffy
Jeliazko Jeliazkov
Kale Kundert
Elizabeth Lagesse
Andy Watkins



The Git transition team

Sam DeLuca
Brian Weitzner

Rosetta Bootcamp Teaching Assistants

Tim Jacobs
Sam DeLuca
Brian Weitzner
Matt O'Meara




PyRosetta documentation and tutorials

Evan Baugh



Rosetta tutorials, classes and documentation

Meiler Lab




User support, postings to the forum

Steven Lewis