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User Support


The purpose of Rosetta user support is to help users solve their encountered problems in Rosetta software. With our support, we would like to see that the Rosetta software can widely contribute to both basic biological research and medical applications, including prediction and design of protein structures, protein-protein interactions, and protein design.

The support section of this site includes a forum where users can participate in the software discussions.

We also maintain a comprehensive user guide, with the basic instruction of how to build/install the software and the useful flag lists for all Rosetta protocols. This user guide also gives detailed descriptions to help users comprehend Rosetta protocols and their corresponding applications. Particular examples of using Rosetta applications are given in the demos repository.

The Overview section lists the major modes of the software and the Education section allows users to view recorded workshops and seminars.

Training Services

The Rosetta Design Group provides contract macromolecular modeling and training services with an emphasis on the Rosetta Software Suite. Please contact for more information.

The Meiler Lab holds regular introductory workshops on using Rosetta for academic and industry users.

Cyrus Bench

Cyrus Biotechnology is a company that offers a web app GUI frontend to Rosetta that runs your requested computations on secure cloud servers.  This tool is meant to allow biophysicists and bench biochemists to access the power of Rosetta without needing specific training in Rosetta, experience with the command line, or local supercomputing resources.

Cyrus Biotechnology is a commercial Rosetta licensee offering a web-based graphical user interface for Rosetta to its customers.  Licensing fees paid by commercial Rosetta licensees to the University of Washington are used to support the RosettaCommons, investing in the maintenance and further development of Rosetta.