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The RosettaCommons offers many web-interface servers for the use of Rosetta, which usually allow small academic jobs for free or paid use for large or commercial projects Rosetta@cloud.

Read more about Rosetta servers in the RosettaDesign blog.

Free servers


The Rosetta Online Server the Includes Everyone hosts several servers for combined computer power as a free resource for academic users.


RosettaDocking Protein Protein Docking, Antibody FV Region Prediction and RNA De Novo Motif Modeling


Protein Structure Prediction Server


Protein Sequence Design Server


Flexible Backbone Modeling and Design Server


Protein-Protein Docking Server


Flexible Peptide Docking Server

Antibody FV Region Prediction Server

Predicts antibody structures.


classifier of correct protein-protein complex orientations.


Commercial Server

Rosetta@cloud - Macromolecular modeling in the cloud offers affordable, cloud-based pay-per-use molecular modeling and related services to the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. The basis of these services is the Rosetta software, a well-established computational software suite with a variety of tools developed for macromolecular modeling, structure prediction and functional design.

Rosetta@cloud is a new way to use Rosetta that gives users flexibility and security. Each Rosetta@cloud user has their own private cloud based Rosetta server. Rosetta@cloud is a pay-per-use service. Thus, when Rosetta is not being used simply shut down your Rosetta@cloud based server.