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The RosettaCommons offers many web-interface servers for the use of Rosetta, which usually allow small academic jobs for free.  For commercial use, see Cyrus Bench (below).

Read more about Rosetta servers in the RosettaDesign blog.

Free servers


The Rosetta Online Server the Includes Everyone hosts several servers for combined computer power as a free resource for academic users. Rosetta protocols included:


    Protein Structure Prediction Server


    Protein Sequence Design Server


    Flexible Backbone Modeling and Design Server


    Flexible Peptide Docking Server


    classifier of correct protein-protein complex orientations.


    Commercial servers

    Cyrus Bench

    Cyrus Biotechnology is a company that offers a web app GUI frontend to Rosetta that runs your requested computations on secure cloud servers. This tool is meant to allow biophysicists and bench biochemists to access the power of Rosetta without needing specific training in Rosetta, experience with the command line, or local supercomputing resources.

    Cyrus Bench offers tools for protein design & engineering and protein structure prediction & modeling, and is rapidly evolving based on feedback from scientific users and advances in best practices for Rosetta modeling.

    Cyrus Biotechnology is a commercial Rosetta licensee offering a web-based graphical user interface for Rosetta to its customers.  Licensing fees paid by commercial Rosetta licensees to the University of Washington are used to support the RosettaCommons, investing in the maintenance and further development of Rosetta.