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Postdoc positions in protein docking

The Gray lab at Johns Hopkins University is seeking postdocs to develop computational methods to predict and design protein interactions. Our lab co-develops the Rosetta suite for biomolecular structure prediction and design, including leading the development of RosettaDock, RosettaAntibody, RosettaCarbohydrate, RosettaMP (membrane proteins), and the ROSIE server which performs thousands of modeling jobs per year for the scientific community.  Recent papers include studies of structures of antibody repertoires, novel flexible-backbone docking algorithms, and collaborative applications in bone development, cancer, heart disease, and Celiac disease.

We have several open projects including:

  • Development of protocols to predict and probe glycosyl transfer,
  • Development of algorithms for docking of single-chain antibodies leveraging HX-MS data,
  • Prediction of therapeutic antibody aggregation, and
  • Development of multimodal flexible-backbone docking methods.


I also have an opportunity to help develop a PyRosetta workshop and training materials.  Ideal for someone with an interest in outreach or teaching, perhaps with an interest in academics at an undergrad-focused institution.  This work is likely to be 50% effort, with the rest going into one of the research topics. 

We seek candidates with diverse backgrounds and we foster an inclusive lab community.  The ideal candidate has a PhD in chemical engineering, bioengineering, biophysics or a related field, experience in computational methods development and protein engineering research, and a passion for scientific discovery.

Please send a CV and a brief cover letter summarizing your background and interests to Prof. Jeff Gray at

More information on the lab at