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Issues building rosetta in Mac

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Issues building rosetta in Mac

Hello, I downloaded the last github version of Rosetta, and trying to build it in my Mac. I'm facing the next errors that stop the building:

"Running versioning script ... 

Encounter error while executing: git rev-parse "HEAD:source/src/python/PyRosetta/binder"


Encounter error while executing: git rev-parse "HEAD:source/src/python/PyRosetta/binder"

fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git"


My laptop details are:

Model Name: MacBook Air

  Model Identifier: MacBookAir10,1

  Model Number: MGN73LL/A

  Chip: Apple M1

  Total Number of Cores: 8 (4 performance and 4 efficiency)

  Memory: 8 GB

  System Firmware Version: 10151.101.3

  OS Loader Version: 10151.101.3


Thanks for your help.

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Mon, 2024-04-08 09:30

I'm guessing that you downloaded a snapshot of the code from the Github site, rather than using git to clone the repo.

When we make releases, we generate an additional file which has version information. The development version relies on git to get the version info. If you have a snapshot of the development release, you have neither the version file, nor do you have the git information, which likely leads to the issues you're seeing.

If you're getting the code from Github, try using git to clone the repo, rather than downloading the snapshot.

Mon, 2024-04-08 13:15

Thank you very much for the reply. I was able to make it work (after several attempts). This is a brief summary of the steps I followed to make it work. I hope this info is useful for other people starting in this world (like me, which I'm not an expert).

1.- I downloaded the Rosetta 3.14 source code(5.0G) 3.14 from the Rosetta webpage. Then, I extracted all the files into a folder.

2. I installed Homebrew in the MacOS terminal (go to the webpage and follow the installation instructions).

3.- From the terminal, I installed "scons" with brew "($ brew install scons)". This installed the last version 4.7.0

4.- From the terminal I installed python ("$ brew install python"). It installed the last version (3.12), but this version gave me errors at the moment of installation (MPI errors). The same happened with version 3.11. Also, I downloaded the Rosetta 3.14 binaries, but after trying to run it directly, the software gave "Illegal instruction: 4", that looks like an error from Mac OS.

5.- Following good advice from this webpage (, I found Python 2.7.18 from the source webpage and installed it (from the web browser). With this version of Python, the Rosetta installation works perfectly.

6.- To finally install Rosetta, in the terminal, I went to the folder where Rosetta was extracted and located myself in ./main/source/

7.- From here, in terminal, I run python2.7 with the next line "$ python2.7 ./ -j 8 mode=release bin". Then, the magic happened, the software started the compilation. It took a few hours to fully compile.

8. I tested a work from the tutorials adapting the correct file paths from my folders and changing to the actual executable names in the bin folder of Rosetta (calculate the energy of a refined PDB 1QYS), and it generated the expected score file.

I'm sorry if I wrote the process in lay language or included any unnecessary steps. I hope this helps others who are new to this field and looking to install the software in a MacOS M1.

Thanks again for the help.

Tue, 2024-04-09 18:34