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When posting build/install question please specify the following information about your system and PyRosetta version, this will allow us to answer your questions more accurate and faster:

- OS type,
- OS version
- OS arch (32 or 64bit)
for example: Ubuntu Linux 10.04 32Bit or Mac OS X 10.6

- Python version
- Python arch (32 or 64bit) if different from OS

- Version of PyRosetta including SVN revision number.

Thank you!

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Ligand docking cannot open the protein file


Hi there!

I follow the ligand docking tutorial from here:

When I get to point 6 and try to run docking protocol via ./rosetta_scripts.linuxgccrelease @options it says ERROR: Cannot open file "3PBL_ETQ.pdb"

How can I check the particular path to the file and correct, if needed?

Thanks in advance!


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compilation rosetta in ubuntu 16.04, please help


Anyone use unbuntu 16.04?

I installed  gcc-6 , g++6,  scons-2.51.  all install correctly. as I checked -- version all correct.


option1, when I compile the Roseta source code ( Version 3.8)

$ ./ -j 4 mode=release bin

The program runs long time. but at the last I got

usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lz

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This element is not expected.


I am trying to replicate the work of the paper:

It seems the Rosetta Script in the supplimentary meterials is old because when I try to use it I get a lot of typo errors, anyway I changed it but I could not find a way to fix this error:

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Dock two domains using topology broker



I have two domains that are asymmetric and I want to dock them using topology broker (asymmetric fold and dock like operation). Below is the full description of my problem:

1. I have pdbs for two domains that I want to dock. Domain1 has 3 chains and domain2 and 1 chain

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Structure prediction

Hello. I have a  questions about abinitio structure prediction.

How  to chang the DSSP code and let  β-bridge become L , when get a pose secondary structure. I try to change it, but I do not know how to write the code in the  dssp_state method of in core/scoreing/dssp directory.

Please teach me method,  if you know , thank you very much!

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