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Academic email verification



Could you please verify my academic email address so that I can access ROSIE via Github?

My institution name is Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza Hospital. I work in the unit of Medical Genetics and I do not-for-profit research in rare diseases.

My institution domain is

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Academic Email Verification



I am unable to login to ROSIE with my GitHub account. I have provided my institutional email ID. I study at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India. The institutional domain address is ''. My email address domain is ''. Please help me out. Thank you!

Shahina Mazumdar Research Scholar Dr. Debasis Das's Lab Department of Biological Sciences Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Colaba, Mumbai - 400005 Email:

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Unable to download Rosetta

Phenix / MR Rosetta

Hello my name is Yair Tenorio from

Genetics and Molecular Biology Department at CINVESTAV México

I already have an account, I am registered and logged in, but when I try to

download Rosetta with my User Name and Password, is not letting me download the software

I hope you could help me, my domain is

the web page tells me to verify my email, which I already did.


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NMR NOE based structure prediction


Based on the NMR NOE data, I want to use PyRosetta for the structure prediction of my peptides having unnatural amino acids. I went through the manual but couldn't find much information for structure prediction based on NMR data. It would be of great help if you cite protocols, scripts or literature used to determine the structure using NMR data in PyRosetta.

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