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Rosetta job distribution error


Hi There,

 I am following rosetta protein design but every time I am getting job distribtion error message.  Here is output



        <talaris_full weights=talaris2014>
            <Reweight scoretype="coordinate_constraint" weight=0.4/>
            <Reweight scoretype="res_type_constraint" weight=0.4/>

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Unable to create col_complex.pdb file


I am new to Rosetta and was trying Protein-Protein Docking tutorial. I was about to run a local docking but it gives me an error saying that 

"ERROR: Cannot open file "input_files/col_complex.pdb"

so when I checked the "flag_local_docking" file there is a file called col_complex.pdb needed as input. But I don't understand how to build this file.

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Non-Canonical Peptides

How do I use the rotamers of natural amino acids instead of non-standard amino acids when designing non-standard amino acids?

because I see "The ROTAMER_AA params file line allows you to skip the MakeRotLib step if you want to let your tyrosine related NCAA use tyrosine rotamers"

for example,Non-standard amino acids pTyr is instead of Tyr, IWhat parameters should I add in pTyr.params?

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"Angle constraint: 0-length bonds" error

Enzyme Design


I am trying to design the binding site of a protein with certain ligands and there is a common error that I encounter with various ligands (not all). The error says "Angle constraint: 0-length bonds". I checked the input structure and there are no atom clashes. I am not sure what is causing this error. If anyone has an idea, it would be a great help.

Thank you !


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Hi All,

We are trying to access the pyrosetta documentations, but there was nothing in the documentation, every topic is empty. We are wondering if anybody has the same problem recently? Or maybe it's just our net work issue. 

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