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RECCESS-Rosetta Segmentation Fault with nonnatural residues

Chemically Modified Residues



I am trying to run the recess-turner function with the following command:

recces_turner.macosclangrelease -score:weights stepwise/rna/turner -seq1 gu  -seq2 [2MA]c -recces:n_cycle 9000000 -recces:temps 0.8 1 1.4 1.8 3 7 30 -st_weights 9.024828183205116 18.24157438187578 22.310063998885838 25.608533286161883 25.949659063278826 25.027484033009934 -recces:out_prefix ST -save_score_terms 


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Antibody Structure Prediction - Error on antibody_H3 step: "Option matching -antibody:remodel not found in command line"

Structure prediction

I'm trying to predict the structure of an antibody by following this Rosetta Antibody Modelling tutorial:

At the 5th step, during the refinement of the model, I find the following error:

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ERROR: ResidueType::add_ring: Requested atoms don't exist in this ResidueType!


Hi, all,

I am currently trying to run Rifdock, which I compiled according to the instructions in this repo ( However, everytime I pass it a *.pdb input file, I get the following error:

=================================================== preparing target ===================================================

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different relaxed energy scores for one same protein structure


Hello everyone,


By chance, I tried several times relax module for one same protein structure.

I got all different relaxed energy socres.

Which score is representive for this protein structure?


And of two similar structures mutated by 1 or 2 different positions, which structure can have the better structure?

By what criteria did you think that?

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PyIgClassify cannot renumber and label CDRs my Nanobody-Antigen complex for RabD



I've been trying to use the Anibody Designer but i was unable to use PyIgClassify webserver to renumber and label the CDRs in my PDB file. I am also unable to get it to find CDRs in any antibody pdb file even thoughs its within the database. I would also like to find the schema for how the CDRs are marked within the text of the renumbered PDB file. Any help would be appreciated.




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Can you please validate my email address  to access ROSIE via Github? 

I was granted an academic license (on July 3rd) from the University of Washington, but the software is for personal use. I can send you a copy of the license for verification.


Thank you!



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How can I automate mutations with PyRosetta or other Rosetta software?


I need to create mutant peptides with Rosetta to use in Virtual Screening, the mutations need to be kinda ''random'' (not chosen directly by me) and, if possible, following an evolutionary bias (genetic algorithm). I'm really new at protein modelling and I have only used AlphaFold. Rosetta has many ways to use, and I'm kinda lost, should I use Rosetta Scripts or PyRosetta? Can I do this with both? I haven't found any tutorial that explains how to create mutant peptides following a genetic algorithm with rosetta :(  I don't know where to start.

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