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'Use_filters true' option - failure of AbInitio Relax application

Structure prediction

Dear Rosetta community,

I would kindly ask you about possible reasons of AbInitio Relax failure after application of all filters.

It was decided to do an extensive run of AbRelax application with 'use_filters true' option to generate 1000 constructs (nstruct) in hope, that some of them will pass all filters and will have a nature-like fold structure.

I noticed, that when all 3 filters are applied during the construct trial, the AbRelax application fails with such an error:

Finished Abinitio

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Error with docking_prepack_protocol while executing the tutorial "Docking Flexible Proteins"


I'm new at Rosetta and was doing the tutorials for protein-protein docking. I execute the command below with no problems:

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Installing pyrosetta for proteinmpnn use


What is the best way to install PyRosetta for use with Protein MPNN? I am installing it for myself on an hpc cluster (redhat linux 8) and haven't found much documentation outside of that for the general PyRosetta install.


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protein-protein docking


I'm doing protein-protein docking, in which the C-terminus of one of my protein chains (PDB: 2ew4) was amidated, and when I submitted it to Rosetta and ran docking_protocol.static.linuxgccrelease, I found that the amide was automatically disassembled, how can I make it so that it doesn't happen?

2ew4_ 1.pdb is the structure before docking, 2ew4_ 2.pdb is the structure after docking

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FARFAR2 Error With Secondary Structure File

Nucleic Acids

Any help with the following error? Thank you


[FILE]: src/core/pose/rna/
[LINE]: 139
[ ERROR ] UtilityExitException
ERROR: Number of right brackets does not match left brackets



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JD3 w/ Silent file output crashing - Option filename not found

<Job nstruct="5">
          <PDB filename="pdb_basename.pdb" />
          <SilentFile path="pdb_basename" filename="pdb_basename_relaxed.silent"  />
          <ScoreFile path="pdb_basename" filename="" />
          <parser__protocol value="path/to/RELAX_MONOMER_RS" />

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ERROR: Assertion `build_sets_[ build_set_id ].restype().has( "1HA" )` failed. ERROR:: Exit from: src/protocols/match/upstream/Pr


Hi Rosetta community, 

Hoping someone can help me with this issue I'm having! I'm trying to dock a cofactor and a ligand into an alphafold model using Rosetta match. Essentially, I know which residue is supposed to be covalently bound to the cofactor, so I've made that the first constraint block of the CST file. Then, I am trying to match the ligand with the cofactor. This is constraint block #2 and as such I have included the following lines at the end of CST block 2 (since I'm matching essentially ligand 1 to ligand 2).

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