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problem installing latest version of rosetta

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problem installing latest version of rosetta

Unable to build latest version of rosseta at below Linux workstation. Errors for python version not compatibile. Kindly let us know the rosetta version compatibile with below system specs? Also share the link to download the older version of rossetta software. 


[root@cccomp17 ~]# lsb_release -a
LSB Version:    :base-4.0-amd64:base-4.0-noarch:core-4.0-amd64:core-4.0-noarch:graphics-4.0-amd64:graphics-4.0-noarch:printing-4.0-amd64:printing-4.0-noarch
Distributor ID:    RedHatEnterpriseServer
Description:    Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.8 (Santiago)
Release:    6.8
Codename:    Santiago
[root@cccomp17 ~]# python
Python 2.6.6 (r266:84292, May 22 2015, 08:34:51) 
[GCC 4.4.7 20120313 (Red Hat 4.4.7-15)] on linux2
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.

However, I tried building latest python version and build the rosetta. But this method also ended with errors. 

Thank you.

error screenshot-1356.74 KB
error screenshot-2341.25 KB
error screenshot-3465.85 KB
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Mon, 2018-09-24 21:19

First off, we recommend using the Scons that's provided with Rosetta to compile Rosetta, rather than an externally installed one. Just use `./` in the Rosetta/main/source directory to use it.

Secondly, we're somewhat in the midst of a Python version transition. For Python2, we've pretty much switched over to assuming Python2.7 instead of Python2.6 or earlier.  Most scripts in Rosetta (at least the commonly used ones) are tested/known to work against Python 2.7. They may or may not work with Python2.6. Many of the scripts are hard-coded to use Python2.7

But you mentioned "latest Python version". There was a rather hard break between Python2 and Python3, in the sense that scripts written for Python2 won't necessarily work with Python3. If you installed Python3, things aren't really going to work. Whyile both Python2.6 and Python2.7 are near their end-of-life, if not past it, Rosetta isn't yet converted to be completely Python3 compatible. The scons build system is a notable example of this.

That said, you can try to work around it. For example, for `error screenshot-3`, you can try editing the script to call `python3` (or just `python`) instead of python2.7 explicitly.  -- Actually, the very most recent weekly release  (2018.33) should already have this generalization applied.

But I might suggest just installing python2.7. It should coexist peacefully with your system python and any Python3 you installed, and it will avoid headaches later.

Regarding downloading older versions, they should be availible from the same place you downloaded the newest version from:  -- just scroll down the page.  You'll have to go quite a ways back to avoid the python2.7 assumptions, though.


Tue, 2018-09-25 08:07

I could get past this by installing a conda environment which has python 2.7 installed. Then sourcing this environment and running Rosetta from within this environment.

conda create -n give_a_name  python=2.7 anaconda

source activate give_a_name

Sun, 2020-05-17 04:11