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Errors in RosettaAntibody distributed static linux binary

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Errors in RosettaAntibody distributed static linux binary


I am attempting to install a modern version of the RosettaAntibody protocol, and I’m encountering errors with the Linux binary of the protocol provided for commercial download (antibody.static.linuxgccrelease). For reference, I am using the latest available weekly release: 2023.45 from November 2023.

While other protocols from this binary distribution are working correctly in our hands, the RosettaAntibody is failing with the below compiler version error:


ERROR: ERROR: Your compiler does not have full support for C++11 regex, and therefore can't support RegEx_based_CDR_Detector/antibody grafting.

ERROR:: Exit from: src/protocols/antibody/grafting/ line: 50


The Rosetta crash log further indicates that the GCC version is not modern enough to support C++11 regex (< 5.2, relevant lines below). This would be consistent with previous forum posts on similar issues with the RosettaAntibody protocol. The full crash log is attached.


[COMPILER]: GCC version "4.8.5 20150623 (Red Hat 4.8.5-44)"

[STDLIB]: libstdc++ version 20150623


As this Rosetta distribution consists of static binaries, however, my reading of this error is that the distributed binary was compiled with too low a version to support the C++11 regex required by the protocol. I’ve also tried defaulting different GCC versions on my end, and the compiler/stdlib variables in the crash log do not change after rerunning the protocol.

Is my interpretation correct, or is the script somehow pulling in a local GCC version? If the former case, is there a different recent release we can download instead? Or can the protocol be compiled with an updated version of GCC in an upcoming distribution?

For further context, the script we are using to run the RosettaAntibody protocol is a basic grafting protocol with a known good sequence. This script/sequence pair runs the protocol successfully on our currently installed version of Rosetta (3.8).

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.


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Thu, 2024-02-08 12:12

Please use Ubuntu binaries instead of `Linux` one (Linux one is Centos-7 which use old compilers). It should solve this issue.

Thu, 2024-02-08 14:37

Thank you, this version installs correctly, and after updating my antibody database path to the modern location, the application is running correctly.

Thu, 2024-02-15 12:34