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Does Rosetta 3.1 have the 9999 limitation?

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Does Rosetta 3.1 have the 9999 limitation?

Just like the title, Can Rosetta 3.1 produce more than 10k decoys within one run task?
If it still is the case, how to get around it?

Sat, 2009-11-07 01:18

There is no 9999 limitation. Generally, the job distributor will format names to have 4 digits, because that's the style we're used to. If you pass nstruct > 9999, it starts adding digits as necessary. I've done one with 7 digits with no problems. It generally formats the names to have the same number of characters throughout. Example:

nstruct 1

nstruct 200
start_0001 (no change)

nstruct 9999
start_0001 (no change)

nstruct 10000
start_00001 (more digits, even from start)

There is a hard upper limit to nstruct, probably whatever the integer limit is on your hardware. Way more than you'll need, anyway...

Mon, 2009-11-09 07:41