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Rosie Login

Hi there,

I tried to log into the Rosie server and I got this error "Your GitHub account does not have verified academic email address! Please visit and setup it!". I made my email visible in my GitHub settings but the error still persists.

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Thu, 2024-05-23 10:28

Your email may be visible, but it may not be from a domain which is recognized as academic. To recognize the email as "academic" we have a list of approved domains. Some are easy to recognize (e.g. *.edu or *, but others slip through the cracks and have to be added one-by-one.

If you post the domain of your email (the bit after the @ symbol) here, we can look into adding it to the approved list.

Thu, 2024-05-23 10:48

The domain of my email is Thanks for your assistance.

Sat, 2024-05-25 13:51

Thank you for letting us know, - this should be fixed now!

Tue, 2024-05-28 11:40