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PyMOLMover object has no attribute 'link'

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PyMOLMover object has no attribute 'link'

Hi Guys,

I am trying to set up the PyMOLMover object to view structure manipulations. We have PyRosetta set up on a compter cluster, and I was going to have it run scripts and send structure info to another PyMOL instance on a separate computer on the same network - however it errors out when trying to assign an IP address to the link.udp_ip attribute. The code is simple and pulled straight from the following documentation/tutorial:

Here is the code snippet that gives the run-time error:

pmm = PyMOLMover() = '' = 65000

However, it raises the following exception/error, AttributeError: 'pyrosetta.rosetta.protocols.moves.PyMOLMover' object has no attribute 'link'

Obviously the PyRosetta distribution I have doesn't have the right objects/object-attributes to do this, is there any other way?



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Mon, 2019-07-22 07:51