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Unrecognized atom parameter with denovo_density

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Unrecognized atom parameter with denovo_density

I've run into an issue building a model using denovo_density in step 4D of this protocol:,

The rosetta command that throws the error is:

denovo_density.linuxgccrelease -mode consensus -in::file::silent round1/assembled.1_000*.silent -consensus_frac 1.0 -energy_cut 0.05 -mute core

which results in this error:

File: src/core/chemical/AtomTypeSet.hh:146
[ ERROR ] UtilityExitException
ERROR: AtomTypeSet: unrecognized atom parameter: LK_BALL_ISO_ATOM_WEIGHT_RATIO23.0_DEFAULT

I’ve tried pointing to different instances of the Rosetta database with the same results.

The databases I've tried do contain the file with the LK_BALL_ISO_ATOM_WEIGHT_RATIO23.0_DEFAULT parameter, so I'm not sure where to go to from here to fix this issue.

I am using Rosetta 3.10

Thanks in advance.

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Mon, 2020-06-29 06:59