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Silent File Scores Missing: RNA Protein Complex Predition

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Silent File Scores Missing: RNA Protein Complex Predition

Dear Community,

I am relatively unexperienced with Rosetta and am for the first time trying to run the Protein RNA Complex Prediction Tutorial, as described on the website and the readme file using the latest weekly Ubuntu release. So apologies if I did a newcomer mistake.

When running as described, I get an error that I need to add the option base bair steps to false, so I added

-bps_moves false

Then it runs through. However, the scores reported in the silent file are missing the RNA and RNA interactions scoring energies as is the case in the example output file, and there is just one scoring term score which is then reported as zero. Strangely, in the terminal output it seems to report the RNA and RNA interaction scores correctly.

I attached with this post the output file I got with my run, the example output file and the the terminal output the run for 5 structure gives called out.


I would be grateful for any input.

Best wishes,


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Fri, 2023-06-16 05:45