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Rosetta Antibody

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Rosetta Antibody

Hi friends,

I want to modeling my antibody by webserver of rosetta antiboy, but I faced with the error:

ERROR: Current DB does not cover the length of FRL of your query.
ERROR: FRL length of your query: 59
ERROR: DB: 58 or 60

Would you help me to solve the error?

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Sun, 2016-08-28 00:29

The antibody code chops the FASTA sequence up into subsections, for the various constant regions and the CDR loops.  One of those regions is abbreviated "FRL" - probably framing region light, the not-CDRs in the light chain.  

The database (DB) only has 58 and 60 residue options for that region.  You've submitted a FASTA that it thinks has 59 residues in that region.

I guess the easy solution is to try deleting or adding a residue someplace innocous (the termini?) to see if you can get it to 58 or 60 so it will run?

Sun, 2016-08-28 12:04